I was 16 years old when I landed my first job, selling vacuum cleaners door to door. Every door that slammed in my face, every rejection, taught me something; No matter how many doors slam, keep knocking. Because the next door you knock, might open out to success.

Since that first experience, I have tried to live my life with a deeper understanding.

I came to understand that I have been gifted a chance at life and I am determined to make the most of it.

My parents struggled hard to raise us four kids.

Hard work and humility comes from my dad who taught me:

Be simple, be honest, give away as much as you can to help others. Do your best, no matter what. Treat everyone with respect. Be a good role model. Chase your dreams.

Boldness and trusting in God comes from my mother who taught me:

Be unafraid. Rise up early. Don’t be lazy. Be nice to the needy. Don’t discriminate. Give without expecting anything in return. Don’t convince anyone or argue when people talk or imagine things about you.

And that I guess is what makes me what I am.

It’s about sharing what I’ve learnt and trying to inspire others to find their own path to success.

Today, I wake up each day with the intent to serve. Yes I’ve tried many things and have failed many times. But I have not let failure deter my next steps. What matters to me most is that my learners live a more fulfilled life.

You see, to me my students, my teams, my learners, are my goal. They are the real heroes who make up the story of my life.

If at the end of the day, all I have done is inspire someone to become more able and lead them one step closer to their success, then I consider that day well lived, that job well done and I feel blessed.