Right now, everything seems to be falling apart.

The very thoughts that come to your head begin to harass your every moment and you wish there was some way to stop yourself from thinking. But you cannot.

You look around for some respite and nothing happens.

Day after day you look forward to one bright spark to light up the darkness, one call that would bring you renewed hope, one opportunity to come by that could put your mind at rest. Nothing happens.

Worse, people you trust most and rely on for strength and support turn against you. The taunts, piercing, relentless, uncaring rip into you with firesome intensity. Some knowing, some unknowing. But always with the same pain and frustration.

There’s nowhere to go. No place you can think of where you can escape the ignomity of the situation.

But you don’t’ want to escape. Don’t want to give up. This isn’t about quitting and throwing your hands up in the air.

This is about fighting it out.

This is about enduring it all and gritting your teeth and pushing yourself forward. Why? Because you know this isn’t your destiny after all. the odds are against you right now. Stacked up high and threatning to break you apart and sever you from everything you call precious. But no this is not something you will allow because this is not your portion. You were meant to overcome through it all. you are destined for greatness and this is the pathway that leads to it. You are on track.

Agonize through.

Pain forward.

Cry stronger.


But continue.

Smile yourself happy. Weirdly.

Close your eyes and wallow in the blackness and probe for a trickle of light to shine through. Stare into the blackness. The darkness will dissolve with just a flick of an open eye. So what’s the great deal to make of it.  Yes it feels safe. Safer than the light which exposes all the frustrations in greater detail and presents you with uncertainity.

This too shall pass.

Because these too have passed me by. Often.

I can remember incident after incident where the overburdening heaviness came crashing down in an instant. This is the truth, no matter what the current fact.


The Son has risen.

It’s a new dawn. Yes. This moment in time is the next dawning that will lead to a glorious day ahead.

Nothing can stop you from overcoming through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of testimony.

The Messaiah came to heal you and deliver you.

Be boundless.


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